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  • Culture Counts: Developing an Empowered, Engaged, and Connected Workplace
    February 27, 2024 1:00pm
     • Identify the bravery barriers that may be getting in you and your team’s way.
    • Learn 3 key strategies to engage in brave conversations.
    • Discover the elements that make up The B.R.A.V.E. Zone, and how it contributes to building more effective cultures.
    • Explore what it takes to create more meaningful connections with colleagues, and in turn, more cohesive company cultures.
    • Gain tools to empower you to bring all of who you are to all of what you do.  Learn More

  • Employee Handbook Checklist: Required Changes for 2024
    February 28, 2024 3:00pm
     • Essential updates.
    • Supreme Court-related changes.
    • Employee leave.
    • Remote work and attendance.
    • Diversity and inclusion.
    • Accidental contracts.
    • Dress and grooming.
    • Sexual and other harassment.
    • Overtime.
    • Handbook maintenance.
    • The "Dirty Dozen" mistakes.  Learn More

  • The Growing Problem of Workplace Incivility
    March 5, 2024 1:00pm
     • Why common courtesy is not so common.
    • The vicious cycle of disrespect: When rudeness leads to revenge.
    • 7 warning signs of an incivility problem.
    • Childish adults: Pouters, screamers and public attackers.
    • Communication insults: Email bombers, cyberjunkies and nonresponders.
    • How incivility hurts productivity and increases turnover.
    • Why professional adults sometimes act like brats.
    • Quick quiz: Taking an honest look in the mirror.
    • How silent bystanders and wimpy managers encourage offensive behavior.
    • Dealing with drama: Gossips, snobs and office divas.
    • How co-workers can learn to have civil conversations about incivility.
    • Using a “team turnaround” to make your group more collaborative.
    • Legal hazards: Frat boys, closet bigots and sexual predators.
    • 5-step formula for changing an organizational culture.
    • Beyond civility: 12 signs of a truly collaborative workplace.  Learn More

  • FMLA Intermittent Leave: Compliance Workshop
    March 6, 2024 1:00pm
     • Confidently handle every intermittent FMLA question thrown at you.
    • Correctly use the tools of compliance to address unscheduled and intermittent leaves (certifications, call-in rules, attendance procedures and more).
    • Learn what to do when the FMLA call-offs exceed the intermittent leave certification you have on file.
    • Manage the practical FMLA intermittent issues, not just the legal ones.
    • Leverage your follow-up powers. Know when you can contact an employee’s doctor about the need for leave … and request a second opinion.
    • Both the FMLA and the PWFA allow pregnant workers short bursts of unscheduled leave. Learn how to track both concurrently.
    • Learn lessons from recent court rulings. They lay out a path for the best (and worst) steps to complying with intermittent leave laws.
    • Identify the key questions you should be asking each and every time an employee seeks leave.
    • Understand “real world” FMLA scenarios.  Learn More

  • Leadership Empowerment: Enabling Managers to Prioritize Employee Accountability
    March 12, 2024 1:00pm
     • The core elements of workplace due process and the importance of the written record in the discipline and termination processes.
    • Tough conversations to have with employees that invite them to involve themselves in their own performance improvement.
    • Structuring disciplinary documentation that is constructive and that insulates the organization from legal liability.
    • Alternatives to formal progressive discipline that re-engage employees without the formal trappings of “being written up.”
    • Leadership landmines to avoid under all circumstances, especially regarding tricky situations that may miss awareness from good-natured yet unsuspecting managers.  Learn More

  • Legal Requirements of Job Descriptions
    March 13, 2024 1:00pm
     • The 5 benefits of a good job description.
    • The 4 federal laws that require accurate, up-to-date job descriptions, including the new Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.
    • Which words create liability, and which words help you.
    • 4 simple steps to create accurate and defensible job descriptions that match industry standards and local variations.
    • How to define “essential functions” for ADA and FMLA purposes.
    • Exempt or not? The right language to lock in an employee’s exempt FLSA classification. Hint: You don’t need to state which exemption you’re claiming, but you do need to know as you list duties for the job.
    • Descriptive but functional language. Why job descriptions should use language that’s function-based and avoids coded words like “aggressive” and “fearless,” which can be seen as racist or sexist.
    • Should they include disclaimers? Yes, and we’ll provide a sample you can include.
    • Why the annual review should always include a reassessment of the job description. This is your chance to fix errors, evaluate changes and rest easy knowing your employee can’t trap you with surprise overtime, misclassification or other wage-and-hour complaints.
    • Why you need employee input, review and buy-in. Nothing protects like an employee’s acknowledgement that their job description is accurate and complete.
    • Resources for better descriptions. There are resources that help you create new positions or check that current positions are properly described.  Learn More

  • Complying with the Imminent Pregnancy and Postpartum Accommodation Rules
    March 28, 2024 1:00pm
     • Pregnancy, missed work and attendance programs; when can you discipline for missed work during pregnancy and when you absolutely can not.
    • Why forcing a pregnant worker to take leave isn’t a reasonable accommodation under the new PWFA if she could feasibly continue working.
    • The four accommodations the EEOC says you can’t even question.
    • Eliminating essential functions entirely may be a reasonable accommodation for pregnancy.
    • Whether and when you have to provide time off for fertility treatments, abortion care, stillbirth or miscarriage recovery, and even menstruation and menopause leave.
    • We now know that the EEOC views post-birth recovery time as a reasonable accommodation - find out exactly how to structure this new, de facto maternity leave.
    • Easy to implement, practical accommodations that won’t unduly disrupt the workplace while complying with the new law.
    • How the FMLA interacts with the PWFA and the PUMP Act to create an entirely new entitlement program.
    • How to set up a PUMP Act compliant break room or area; and what to include based on your industry.
    • What sort of accommodations you are required to make for common pregnancy related problems like morning sickness, lifting restrictions and bed rest orders.
    • A comprehensive, single policy for reasonable accommodations, including pregnancy.  Learn More

  • Negativity Detox: A Workshop for Managers April 2, 2024 1:00pm
    Business Management Daily webinar    
  • How to Comply with New EEOC Harassment Guidance April 3, 2024 1:00pm
    Business Management Daily webinar    
  • Independent Contractor Rule: Comply Now or Pay the Price April 4, 2024 1:00pm
    Business Management Daily webinar