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  • The Manager’s Playbook: Coaching Skills Managers Need for Today’s Workforce
    July 23, 2024 1:00pm
     • The difference between managing and coaching—what it looks like and how to nurture it, along with how this transforms you from manager to leader.
    • The step-by-step process to coach employees effectively.
    • The 3 core coaching skills that power up your leadership skills.
    • Coach for promotion, growth and development. Learn how to spot employees with great potential and tee them up for future job responsibilities.
    • Invest in your team from Day One. Create the right chemistry to get everyone engaged.
    • How to address poor performance. Use leadership and empathy to correct problems and discipline underperformers.
    • Unique solutions to coaching remote workers. Learn strategies to foster teamwork and avoid Zoom fatigue with far-flung employees.
    • Create a coaching playbook. Create specific goals for each employee with measurable targets. Create ways to energize your team and empower them to succeed. Become the person they want to follow.  Learn More

  • No More Noncompetes: How To Protect Your Intellectual Property
    July 24, 2024 1:00pm
     • Discover alternative ways to protect trade secrets—specifically, the role of confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, restrictive covenants, arbitration agreements and state laws that still apply.
    • Learn the range of government activity surrounding noncompete agreements, including the NLRB, FTC state laws and the role of arbitration agreements.
    • How to track down and contact past employees who signed noncompete agreements, in compliance with FTC guidelines.
    • The importance of and instructions for implementing trade secret and confidentiality provisions for independent contractors, volunteers and interns.
    • How to handle hiring new employees under noncompete agreements. What will and what won’t still apply?  Learn More

  • Managing & Motivating the 7 Most Challenging Employee Types
    July 30, 2024 1:00pm
     • 6 signs that you have a challenging employee.
    • How challenging employees push your management "hot buttons."
    • The confrontational types: drama queens, challengers and power grabbers.
    • Passive problems: slackers, clingers and space cadets.
    • The secret formula for managing childish adults. (whiners, pouters, tattletales and gossips)
    • How managers enable employees by rewarding negative behaviors.
    • 5 traits managers must have to effectively deal with challenging employees.
    • Coaching techniques that have the greatest impact on challenging employees.
    • 5-step AMESH formula for helping people change their behavior.
    • Truly toxic employees: when termination is the only option.  Learn More

  • Harassment and Hostility at Work: Detect It and Fix It For Good
    July 31, 2024 1:00pm
     • Recognizing what a hostile work environment looks like now that the EEOC has comprehensive updated guidance covering all forms of harassment based on protected status
    • Creating a comprehensive anti-hostility and harassment policy that will help prevent, identify and fix hostile work environments of every sort. Hint: The key is training and accountability
    • How to root out systemic harassment — hostility that’s baked into your organization’s culture — and why you should never punish employees who bring it to light
    • How to ensure all managers and supervisors understand their responsibilities, including how to handle discrimination and harassment they witness, and comply with the EEOC’s increasing expectation to encourage bystander reporting as a component of preventing and stopping harassment
    • Reining in all forms of hostility and harassment, whether it is aimed at your employees, customers or clients, and regardless of where the harassment is coming from
    • Dealing with the most difficult harassment cases, like those that involve behavior from customers, patients or clients, and what steps you can reasonably take<
    • Hear examples of harassment, including unusual and emerging forms targeting teleworkers, religious beliefs and practices, gender identity, race and social-media usage, and hostility based on more than one protected characteristic<  Learn More

  • HR Employment Law Advisor: Top 3 Employment Law Trends to Watch
    August 1, 2024 1:00pm
     We’re launching a new service called HR Employment Law Advisor that’s designed to give you updates and guidance on everything you need to do your job.• Employment law preview. Join employment lawyer Anniken Davenport as she dives into some of the top issues in the industry and how to prepare for changes.
    • Keeping up with the news. Learn the strategies our team uses for keeping up with, and making sense of, the latest news.
    • Navigating the site. Take a look at the new HR Employment Law Advisor site and membership options.
    • Powerful new tools. Discover tools and ready-made manager training to keep HR, managers and supervisors informed and in sync.
    • Special offers. Exclusive discounts on HR Employment Law Advisor, only available to kick-off attendees.  Learn More

  • Developing Transformational Leaders in Your Organization
    August 6, 2024 1:00pm
     • Understand the crucial traits of a transformational leader.
    • Apply the most important first step in developing transformational leaders.
    • Help leaders learn how to flex their leadership style based on the situation.
    • Train leaders on how to develop a clear cultural vision and communicate it effectively.
    • Comprehend the value of mutual trust and respect in creating employee engagement and confidence.  Learn More

  • The New Employee Handbook: Keeping up with Legal Changes
    August 7, 2024 1:00pm
     • Supreme Court-related changes. Learn why and how to change your handbook policies on religious expression and accommodations.
    • Employee leave. What to include and what to leave out regarding FMLA, ADA, reasonable accommodations and workers’ comp.
    • The fractured workplace. What happens when workers disagree on topics like politics and religion? Handbook policies that set reasonable conduct rules can create a more harmonious workplace.
    • Speech and civility rules. When you can restrict what employees say and when you can’t (salaries, politics, hate speech, etc.).
    • Dress and grooming. Learn how to set rules on appropriate behavior, attire and decor when it comes to both in-person and remote appearances.
    • Drugs at work. Has your drug policy kept up with state regs? If not, it’s time to revisit those policies.
    • Sexual and other harassment. Even if employees are remote, you need rules on email, telework, texting and off-site meetings.  Learn More

  • Job Ad Workshop: The Keys to Attracting More Qualified Candidates
    August 13, 2024 1:00pm
     • Building a solid foundation. Gather the right details needed to craft a compelling job ad.
    • Mastering SEO for job searches. Learn the 6 fundamentals of applying search engine optimization practices and principles to your job ads.
    • Using the right tools. Discover the foolproof template to follow when creating job ads.
    • Catching and keeping attention. Draw job seekers in with engaging writing and a compelling value proposition.
    • Following the right structure. Master all 6 key sections of a job ad, using real examples from successful postings.
    • Leveraging technology. Discover how to use technology like ChatGPT and other AI tools to facilitate success every step of the way.  Learn More

  • Numbers Don’t Lie: What Payroll Metrics Can Teach You
    August 20, 2024 1:00pm
     • Measuring the right things. Don’t waste time and energy tracking every small thing—know what’s worth measuring and why.
    • Data is data, but information is power. Learn how to transform raw data into usable information, and how to share it with the right stakeholders.
    • Trendspotting. Metrics can help you analyze why some departments put in more overtime than others or why employees flee one department but not others, and then help decision-makers devise a solution.
    • Process efficiency in payroll. Identify hang-ups and places with room for improvement. For example, track how many paper W-4s and direct-deposit forms you’re handling and use the information to advocate for a new or improved employee self-service portal.
    • Tax-compliance efficiency. Getting too many tax notices? Capture the agency, the deficiency and the reason (maybe it’s your third-party payroll provider), and clean up your compliance headaches.  Learn More

  • Leading Through Crisis and Disruption
    August 21, 2024 1:00pm
     • Build strong and agile teams that are prepared to address the many changes that face us in today’s modern workplace.
    • Develop a game plan and outline to address the most common and unpredictable challenges that can come your way in today’s hectic environment.
    • Become an inspirational leader others emulate for role-model leadership, especially through challenges that can otherwise destabilize a team or undermine group camaraderie and trust.
    • Identify when your employees are experiencing a crisis and how to encourage and assist them through those difficult situations.
    • Learn how to improve your emotional self-awareness when anxiety and uncertainty arise during a crisis, and respond in a positive manner.  Learn More