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  • Reducing Employee Turnover: Key Strategies to Deploy
    June 18, 2024 1:00pm
     • Identify the true costs of turnover, including hidden variables.
    • Understand the 5 biggest causes of employee turnover.
    • Learn strategies to address each challenge.
    • Create an action plan to reduce turnover and increase retention.
    • Measure additional rewards such as improved workplace culture, less burnout, and more.  Learn More

  • Complying with Final Pregnancy and Postpartum Accommodation Rules
    June 20, 2024 1:00pm
     • Pregnancy, missed work, and attendance: When can you discipline for missed work during pregnancy and when you absolutely cannot.
    • Why forcing a pregnant worker to take leave isn’t a reasonable accommodation under the new PWFA if she could feasibly continue working without having to perform her job’s essential functions.
    • The 4 accommodations the EEOC says you can’t question — no doc notes, no forms, no delay.
    • Eliminating essential functions entirely may be a reasonable accommodation for pregnancy.
    • Whether and when you have to provide time off for fertility treatments, abortion care, stillbirth, or miscarriage recovery, and even menstruation and menopause leave.
    • We now know that the EEOC views post-birth recovery time as a reasonable accommodation. Find out exactly how to structure this new, de facto maternity leave.
    • Easy-to-implement, practical accommodations that won’t unduly disrupt the workplace while complying with the new law.
    • How the FMLA interacts with the PWFA and the PUMP Act to create an entirely new entitlement program.
    • How to set up a PUMP Act-compliant breakroom or area, and what to include based on your industry.
    • What sort of accommodations you are required to make for common pregnancy-related problems like morning sickness, lifting restrictions, and bed-rest orders.
    • A single comprehensive policy for reasonable accommodations.  Learn More

  • HR Investigations Workshop: A Guide to Legal & Effective Inquiries
    June 25, 2024 1:00pm
     • What elements make an effective investigation.
    • Which types of employee complaints should immediately prompt an investigation.
    • Which employment laws necessitate an investigation.
    • Identifying workplace situations that can be better resolved with an investigation.
    • 10 step-by-step investigation tips to keep your inquiry on track.
    • How to use an investigation model flow chart and samples.
    • How to begin the documentation process.
    • Planning the investigation.
    • Charting and updating a chronological report.
    • Plan and strategize for each interview.
    • Implement the interview checklist.
    • Conclude and report on the investigation.  Learn More

  • New Managers: Master the Art of Leadership, Communication & Team Building
    July 9, 2024 1:00pm
     • How to communicate clearly to boost performance and earn employees’ respect.
    • Coach and motivate those who report to you, not from a “management down” but from a “leadership up” approach.
    • Master remote leadership and establish an achievement mindset.
    • The right words to address uncomfortable workplace situations in real time.
    • How to hold all team members to the highest performance and conduct standards.
    • Create and sustain a culture based on trust, equality, open communication and transparency.
    • The right questions that help you mentor any employee.
    • How to dish out discipline the right way.
    • Avoid rookie mistakes that can lead to hard feelings — or even legal trouble.  Learn More

  • Travel Pay: Strategies to Ease One of Payroll’s Biggest Headaches
    July 11, 2024 1:00pm
     • When must travel reimbursements be counted as a commuting cost (taxable wages) instead of an allowable travel expense?
    • When must employees’ travel time be counted as compensable working time instead of noncompensable commuting time?
    • When is employee travel a legitimate business expense and when is it a vacation?
    • The IRS allows two different types of per diem plans, both of which can save substantial travel dollars, but the payroll rules aren’t straightforward.
    • How quickly receipts must be provided by an employee, how often expense reports must be submitted, and the two safe harbors that will save you from taxing reimbursements when employees are late with their travel documentation.
    • What are the IRS guidelines on "commuting" costs and how do they apply to work-from-home employees?
    • Common pay- and FLSA-related problems that arise with employee travel, such as meals during travel.  Learn More

  • Marijuana Policy & Best Practices: Handling Employee Medical & Recreational Use
    July 18, 2024 1:00pm
     • Manage employee marijuana use at home, the workplace, and elsewhere.
    • Create and enforce best practices-based marijuana policies and procedures.
    • Comply with federal and state laws governing medical and recreational use.
    • Consider accommodating medical use to help prevent discrimination lawsuits.
    • Rethink testing, or risk losing valuable employees and job candidates.
    • Weigh zero-tolerance policies vs. turning a blind eye.
    • Adhere to ADA and FMLA responsibilities regarding usage, treatment, disability, etc.
    • Handle workers’ comp, OSHA, DOT, and unemployment compensation challenges.
    • Recognize and respond correctly to suspected impairment on the job.
    • Keep pace with evolving marijuana legislation, case law, and regulations.  Learn More

  • The Manager’s Playbook: Coaching Skills Managers Need for Today’s Workforce
    July 23, 2024 1:00pm
     • The difference between managing and coaching—what it looks like and how to nurture it, along with how this transforms you from manager to leader.
    • The step-by-step process to coach employees effectively.
    • The 3 core coaching skills that power up your leadership skills.
    • Coach for promotion, growth and development. Learn how to spot employees with great potential and tee them up for future job responsibilities.
    • Invest in your team from Day One. Create the right chemistry to get everyone engaged.
    • How to address poor performance. Use leadership and empathy to correct problems and discipline underperformers.
    • Unique solutions to coaching remote workers. Learn strategies to foster teamwork and avoid Zoom fatigue with far-flung employees.
    • Create a coaching playbook. Create specific goals for each employee with measurable targets. Create ways to energize your team and empower them to succeed. Become the person they want to follow.  Learn More

  • No More Noncompetes: How To Protect Your Intellectual Property
    July 24, 2024 1:00pm
     • Discover alternative ways to protect trade secrets—specifically, the role of confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, restrictive covenants, arbitration agreements and state laws that still apply.
    • Learn the range of government activity surrounding noncompete agreements, including the NLRB, FTC state laws and the role of arbitration agreements.
    • How to track down and contact past employees who signed noncompete agreements, in compliance with FTC guidelines.
    • The importance of and instructions for implementing trade secret and confidentiality provisions for independent contractors, volunteers and interns.
    • How to handle hiring new employees under noncompete agreements. What will and what won’t still apply?  Learn More

  • Managing & Motivating the 7 Most Challenging Employee Types
    July 30, 2024 1:00pm
     • 6 signs that you have a challenging employee.
    • How challenging employees push your management "hot buttons."
    • The confrontational types: drama queens, challengers and power grabbers.
    • Passive problems: slackers, clingers and space cadets.
    • The secret formula for managing childish adults. (whiners, pouters, tattletales and gossips)
    • How managers enable employees by rewarding negative behaviors.
    • 5 traits managers must have to effectively deal with challenging employees.
    • Coaching techniques that have the greatest impact on challenging employees.
    • 5-step AMESH formula for helping people change their behavior.
    • Truly toxic employees: when termination is the only option.  Learn More